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By Alif

I am a Business Transformation Expert and Life Coach with over 5 years of experience driving digital marketing initiatives and business transformation strategies. As the founder and CEO of Metaverse Swapping, OpenAI, and AI Product Plaza, I have honed my skills in business strategy, content production, community growth hacking, and digital advertising.

I am also passionate about personal development and growth, and I've dedicated a significant part of my career to life coaching, focusing on relationship development and personality growth. My approach is rooted in the belief that personal growth is intertwined with professional success, and I strive to bring this perspective to all my ventures.

My passion for travel fuels my creativity and widens my perspective, allowing me to bring unique insights to the companies and individuals I work with. I have a knack for seeing the big picture and connecting the dots to help businesses and individuals grow in competitive markets.

I'm always looking to connect, collaborate, and build. Let's chat!

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