Ek Chai with Alif

Brewing Insights, One Cup at a Time.

Welcome to “Ek Chai with Alif”, a unique consulting and coaching service designed to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. As a seasoned business transformation expert and life coach, Alif Vasaya brings his wealth of experience to each conversation, serving as your guide in navigating life’s challenges, career growth, and business development.


At Ek Chai with Alif, we believe in the power of conversation. Sit down for a cup of tea with Alif and engage in a journey of exploration, growth, and transformation. With expertise spanning from personal development to business strategy, Alif provides bespoke guidance to suit your unique needs.

Whether it’s an intimate one-on-one conversation about life, a session on relationship development, or a strategic discussion to shape your business ideas, Alif is here to listen, understand, and guide. All it takes is a cup of tea and an open mind.


  1. Casual Communication: Engage in enriching conversations that shed light on life’s complex issues.
  2. Consulting: Leverage Alif’s expertise for tailored advice on business transformation and trending market dynamics.
  3. Virtual Assistant: Optimize your productivity with professional assistance on a variety of tasks.
  4. Life Coaching: Embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery with expert guidance.
  5. 1v1 Conversation: Dive deep into topics that matter to you most, from personal ambitions to career advancement.
  6. Travel Companion: Explore new horizons with Alif as your guide, uncovering insights from diverse cultures and experiences.
  7. Made by Human Service: Embrace the human side of business and relationships, fostering empathy, understanding, and connection.

With Ek Chai with Alif, every conversation is a step towards a more insightful you. Let’s brew some wisdom, one cup at a time.

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Meet Alif Vasaya, the insightful mind behind “Ek Chai with Alif”. At the young age of 25, Alif has already carved out an impressive career path, packed with varied experiences and rich insights.

Born and raised in India, Alif’s quest for quality education took him away from home at a young age. He attended boarding school in Hyderabad, where he not only gained an academic education but also a wealth of life lessons. Living away from his parents, he learned the art of independence, resilience, and adaptability, skills that would later become integral to his professional journey.

Alif’s professional life began in content writing, a field he quickly excelled in due to his knack for storytelling and a deep understanding of human psychology. Over the course of five years, he honed his skills, creating engaging and compelling content that resonated with diverse audiences. His talent for crafting narratives didn’t just stop at writing – it evolved into a tool for understanding and guiding individuals and businesses towards their goals.

In the next chapter of his career, Alif turned to entrepreneurship, founding Metaverse Swapping, OpenAI Events.org, and AI Product Plaza. His businesses reflect his visionary mindset, showcasing his expertise in digital marketing, business transformation, and growth hacking.

Today, Alif brings all of his experiences and insights to you through “Ek Chai with Alif”. His journey from a young student in Hyderabad to a successful entrepreneur has equipped him with a unique perspective on life, career, and personal growth. Join him for a cup of tea and tap into his wealth of knowledge, as he guides you towards unlocking your own potential.